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Guidelines to Ensure a Safe Memorial Service

Guidelines for the Service of Witness to the Resurrection for Kristen Mueller Adams.
Saturday, October 10, 2020, 11 am & 2 pm.
It is a blessing to welcome you to St. Stephen Presbyterian Church for the Service of Witness to the Resurrection for Kristen Mueller Adams.
To protect all attendees we need to follow certain guidelines to minimize risk from C0VID-19. We apologize ahead of time as we know this creates inconveniences. We appreciate your understanding.
Kristen’s services will take place at two times, 11 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday, October 10. There is very limited seating and we hope that with two services, we can accommodate as many as possible. Please be aware that once our limited capacity has been reached, our ushers will have to turn away late-comers. Those who miss the 11:00 am service are welcome to return at 1:30 pm for the 2:00 pm service.
Because there are a number of new procedures, we recommend that guests arrive early. The building will be open by 10:15 am for the 11:00 am service and by 1:30 pm for the 2:00 pm service.
All guest must wear masks at all times when they are on church property or in the building. Disinfection stations will be in noticeable places. Please be very intentional about maintaining minimal social distance of 6 feet in all circumstances both inside and outside the building.
Access to the building will be through the front and parking-lot-side doors of the Narthex (the front area of the Sanctuary building). The side door from the parking lot is handicap-accessible.
Please do not seat yourselves. An usher will direct your party to socially-distanced seating.
A sign-in card will be in your pew for you and your party. This card is both to share your names with the family and for contact-tracing purposes. Please fill it out and leave it in your pew when you exit.
At the end of the service, please exit observing six feet of social distance between yourself and others. Please exit the building immediately, to avoid congregating in the narthex.

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