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Sack Lunch Mission and the Presbyterian Night Shelter

Every $10 donation provides at least 6 meals

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09•18•20 Update

Since mid-March through September 15, 2020, St. Stephen has delivered 11,969 sack lunches and 5,161 breakfast bags, or more than 17,100 meals to PNS. 

And thanks to the generous donations from Cowtown Marathon, we have also delivered five pallets, or about 9,000 bottles of water. 

We have also have delivered 158 towels and 145 sheets to the PNS.

The generosity of St. Stephen members and friends continues to make this possible through:

• Designated cash contributions to cover the cost of approximately $1.65 per sack lunch,

• Donations of jam, cookies, granola bars, chips and other product items included in the lunches, and

• The time donated each week by our team of 10 who made bologna and cheese sandwiches during July and August.

These sack lunches & breakfast bags provide meals for guests of the night shelters, day shelter and women and children’s center, as well as for workers in PNS’s employment program.  PNS’ need for meals has increased because of the reassignment of staff, discontinuation of some volunteer participation and social distancing requirements resulting from COVID-19 concerns.

With heightened sanitation concerns, social distancing and shelter-at-home requirements, volunteer opportunities are necessarily limited.  However, we continue to welcome your participation by donating the following items used to prepare the sack lunches and breakfast bags, or to otherwise help PNS serve its guests:

  • Peanut butter, any size
  • Jam, any flavor (32 oz or larger, store-bought, not homemade).
  • Granola/ trail mix bars, any variety (left in original packaging, unopened, as purchased in-store)
  • Cookies (e.g., Nabisco, Keebler, etc., not homemade— left in the original packaging, unopened, as purchased in-store)
  • Potato chips (or Doritos, Cheetos or similar) in individual serving packages of approximately 1 ounce.
  • Twin fitted sheets (new or clean/ gently used)
  • Bath towels  (new or clean/ gently used)

NOTE:  We do NOT want anyone to put themselves in additional or unnecessary exposure to acquire and donate any of these items.  Please only purchase items when you are doing your own shopping while wearing a mask and maintaining safe social distancing, or via online shopping and delivery. We will be collecting donations every Tuesday from 1:00 to 1:30 p.m., in the church parking lot from the passenger side of your vehicle. 

Alternatively, you can make a monetary donation to help cover the costs of these meals, which is approximately $1.65 per lunch (about $800 each week) and $1.25 per breakfast ($600 each week).  Your donation should be designated for PNS Meals, and can be made online via the St. Stephen website.

Donations can also be made directly to PNS to help them cover their added costs incurred during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please contact Mike Tyson ( or Matt Loynachan ( if you have questions.

Many thanks for your support of PNS and our mission projects that support them. 

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