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Officers of the Church Ordained, Commissioned, and Installed

January 13, 2019 marked the ordination, commissioning, and installation of newly selected Elders, Deacons, and Trustees to serve as officers of St. Stephen Presbyterian Church.  Officers are identified by an elected Church Wide Nominating Committee, then elected in a special congregational meeting held for that purpose.

At St. Stephen Presbyterian Church, any pledging member of the congregation who attends services regularly and participates in the work of the church is eligible to serve. Officers are governed and guided by the Book of Order and the policies set down by the Session. New officer training is held during the Sunday school hour in the fall. Terms begin January 1st, and run for three years.

Ordination has existed since the earliest forms of the church as a way of distinguishing those who have particular unique callings from God to serve Christ in the church. In most denominations, only clergy–trained and authorized ministers of the Word and sacrament–are ordained. One of the most important hallmarks of a Presbyterian (USA) church, however, is the ordination of non-clergy to offices of church service. The PCUSA ordains clergy (teaching elders), elders (ruling elders) and deacons who are called by God through the voice of the congregation. Clergy and ruling elders serve coequally on the governing council of the church, called the Session. Deacons are called to ministries of care, service, and compassion. Trustees are not ordained, but manage many of the key business functions of the church.

For 2019, the officers of the church are:

Rev. Dr. Fritz Ritsch, Moderator

Peggy Wadley, Clerk of Session


  • George Bristol, Roland Vogel, Mitch Overton (Budget/Finance/Stewardship Committee)
  • Shari Lincoln, Anne Bourland (Christian Education Committee)
  • Jack Hunnicut, Sam Moore (Church Wide Nominating Committee)
  • Babs Sloan, Marilyn McLain Jones (Fellowship Committee)
  • Ron Adams (Membership Committee)
  • Peggy Kennedy (Communication Committee)
  • Emily Endres, Darlene Myatt (Mission Committee)
  • Bill Curtis, Molly Hale (Personnel Committee)
  • Paul Nyul, Walker Armistead (Property Committee)
  • Roger Davis, Bruce Campbell (Worship Committee)


  • David Alverson
  • Ellen Beal
  • Peggy Bender
  • Karla Campbell
  • Pat Denton
  • Jane Ann Janssen
  • Dian McCall
  • Charlotte Ray
  • Julia Sloan
  • Susan Thompson
  • Brian Wheeler
  • Lynn Wilson


  • Kurt Anderson
  • Lars Berg
  • Richard Bourland
  • Gretchen Denny
  • James Hille
  • Sharon LeMond
  • Carol Stalcup
  • Bill Warren
  • Bob Watson


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