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A bolt of lightning, blazing fast,
Slick moves that leave the crowd aghast,
A wisp the defense cannot grasp,
It’s Eddie Shaw, gone streaking past.

Cause it’s Eddie who will score,
It’s Eddie the girls adore,
It’s Eddie the crowds cheer for,
He’s their hero evermore!

Eddie answered St. Stephen’s call,
To carry, lift, and walk the hall,
To set our service, lights and all,
To put a roll in every stall,

Cause it’s Eddie at the door,
Eddie’s always doing more,
He’s got a spirit we adore,
It’s Eddie Shaw we’re rooting for.

When St. Stephen had been attacked,
And our windows were smashed and cracked
And offices were cruelly sacked,
Bold Eddie swore to build it back.

Cause it’s Eddie to the fore,
Eddie’s checking every door,
Eddie’s walking every floor,
No one else could ere do more.

So now as Eddie slows the pace,
And finds his own retirement space,
We pray a smile comes on God’s face,
To bless our Eddie with His Grace.

As Eddie walks out from our door,
To enjoy life a little more,
We celebrate his biggest score,
God bless our Eddie, Evermore.

— Bill Curtis

On the occasion of Eddie Shaw’s Retirement Party
March 3, 2019