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Here’s what I love about St. Stephen Presbyterian Church. On Sunday, we hold high church-style worship services, with magnificent organ music, a wonderful choir, and traditional liturgy. On Tuesdays, we host homeless men in our parish hall overnight, serving them meals, playing games, talking, laughing a lot, and enjoying one another’s friendship.

That’s St. Stephen in a nutshell.  On the one hand, we represent a tradition of serious music and worship, dedicated to the glory of God. We have a top notch choir, a musically outstanding Garland Organ, and what I hope are intellectually challenging and spiritually uplifting sermons.

On the other hand, our faithful commitment to Jesus calls us to serve our fellow human beings,not out of a sense of obligation, but out of a genuine desire to show Christ’s love to neighbor and stranger. So you’ll find St. Stephen folks hanging out with the homeless, cooking meals at Samaritan House, or serving cookies, coffee, and friendship to veterans at the VA center.

Jesus welcomed all who sought Him with an honest heart, and that’s what we strive for here at St. Stephen. Here you’ll find rich and poor, blended families, many races, gay and straight, enjoying fellowship, serving as officers, sharing the body of Christ together at communion. Not only that, we encourage questions–theological inquiry–honest searching–when it comes to matters of faith. We believe in Jesus, but we don’t believe that people get faith by squelching their sincere doubts, fears and concerns. You’re free to be who you are at St. Stephen.

Finally, we laugh – a lot. We take our faith seriously; but ourselves, not so much. Worshipping God and serving Jesus Christ and humanity are serious business, but they’re also joyful. They’re the evidence of God’s Kingdom present in the world, and that’s something to celebrate. So come celebrate with us!

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Dr. Fritz Ritsch

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A Brief History

Over 130 Years Ago...

a seed was planted in the southside of Fort Worth. In 1884, the session of First Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth decided to establish a mission church in the south side of the city. That early mission church became Broadway Presbyterian Church across from the site of present day Broadway Baptist Church. 

Mission and Vision Statement

Worship with enthusiasm, serve with passion, learn with commitment, nurture with grace and welcome with love. An intentionally inclusive community of believers.

Officers of the Church

Ordination has existed since the earliest forms of the church as a way of distinguishing those who have particular unique callings from God to serve Christ in the church.In most denominations, only clergy–trained and authorized ministers of the Word and sacrament–are ordained. One of the most important hallmarks of a Presbyterian (USA) church, however, is the ordination of non-clergy to offices of church service. The PCUSA ordains clergy (teaching elders), elders (ruling elders) and deacons. Clergy and ruling elders serve coequally on the governing council of the church, called the Session. Deacons are called to ministries of care, service, and compassion. Trustees are not ordained, but manage many of the key business functions of the church.


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