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Music Camp 2020

9:00 am

2020: AUG 3 – 7

At Music Camp, children are introduced to a religious children musical on Monday morning and perform the musical on Friday night. Costumes, simple choreography, scripts and 7 to 10 songs are all included. It’s truly magical and a lot of hard work.

1 camper is $100

2 campers is $190

3 campers is $275

Music Camp is five full days culminating with the presentation and supper on Friday night. Your kids go from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of days. Music Camp applications are available digitally, here, and in person. For more information on Music Camp, contact Beth Fultz, or via the office phone 817.927.8411.

All campers need to bring a sack lunch and a drink. 

Register Here! 

Or get a registration from in the office.