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Approved! Youth Mission Trip

Youth Mission Trip to:
Central Presbyterian Church
St. Paul, Minnesota, July 22-30, 2017
Help with a VBS that is Refugee & homeless focused & spurring church back into VBS programming. Working on possible construction Projects.
Sneak peek Trip to Minnesota
Spring Break, March 13-16
Cost meals & Souvenirs
We’ll sleep in churches front & back
RSVP to Beth

Creating Solutions For Our Unusual Circumstances

Return of Sunday School Within the Walls
of the Sanctuary
     Help us think creatively, and join us as our classes gather in the Sanctuary building amid noise and movement, visual stimuli and music permeating our senses. We are no longer static, but alive with new solutions!
Temporary Configuration of Classes
Nursery — Temporary Nursery in
Bride’s Room (Women’s Outer Room)
Pre-K Class— Share Nursery Space
Godly Play— Back of Sanctuary Left
(Kindergarten & 1st grade)
Stepping Stones—Middle Basement Hall
(2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades)
Youth Class—Archives Room
Trinity Adult Class—East Transept
Searchers Adult Class—Session Room

Organist Competition

St. Stephen Presbyterian Church is pleased to host the Fort Worth chapter-level competition of the American Guild of Organists Regional Competitions for Young Organists (RCYO). This event, held in odd-numbered years, showcases emerging young organ talent. Competitors that advance from the chapter-level competition will then move to the regional competition, and then to the national competition. Cash prizes are awarded to the first, second, and third place winners.
The competition will be held in the sanctuary of St. Stephen Presbyterian Church, 2700 McPherson Ave, Fort Worth, TX at 11:00 AM on Saturday, February 18, 2017. St. Stephen is home to a Dan Garland 4-manual, 77 rank pipe organ built in 1993. The competition is open to the public and free of charge. In addition to their own program selections, each competitor will play the Frank Ferko (b.1950) ‘Mass for Dedication’ (2004). Audience members will also play an important role in singing selected hymns that are part of the competition requirements.
Gregory Santa Croce
Bach: Prelude and fugue in C major, BWV 547
Vierne: Final from the Symphony no. 3 in f-sharp minor, Op. 28
 Gregory Santa Croce is an undergraduate student in jazz studies and organ performance at the University of North Texas in Denton, where he studies with Dr. Jesse Eschbach and professors Pat Coil and Richard DeRosa. He is currently organist at Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Denton. His recent awards include first prize in the 2016 William Hall Pipe Organ Competition in San Antonio, Texas and the 2016 University of North Texas College of Music Presser Scholarship. His piano playing and compositions are featured on several recordings by University of North Texas jazz ensembles.
Issac Foreman
Bach: Prelude and Fugue in a minor BWV 543
Widor:Allegro from Organ Symphony No.6, Op.42 No.2
  Organist and pianist, Isaac Foreman, began studies at age six in the TCU Music Preparatory, and performs frequently as soloist on piano and organ. Foreman serves as Organist at the First United Methodist Church in Hurst, Texas. Additionally, he attended the 2016 Cincinnati POE and has participated in organ master classes led by artists such as Christopher Young, Michael Unger, and Isabelle Demers. As a winner of the prestigious Nordan Music Scholarship, he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music in piano and organ performance under the guidance of Dr. Tamás Ungár and Dr. H. Joseph Butler.

The Prayer Following the Vandalism of the Church

On January 8th, we discovered that St. Stephen had been vandalized. Virtually all the windows of the Education building were broken out, much was destroyed or defaced, and the vandal or vandals had attempted to start three fires. The police and fire investigations forced us to cancel worship that morning, but at 4:00 pm that afternoon we held a service in the main sanctuary, that was attended by over 300 people, many of whom were members of other congregations expressing their support. This prayer, derived from Psalm 74, was said responsively in the service:

Prayer for Vandal Vigil


As the congregation prays, you will hear me say, “Hear our cries, O God!” Please respond, “Attend unto our prayers.”


Hear our cries, O God!

Attend unto our prayers.


O God, someone has destroyed everything in the sanctuary. They have roared within your holy place; they have set up their emblems there. Hear our cries O God.

Attend unto our prayers.


They set your sanctuary afire; they desecrated the dwelling place of your Holy Name. Hear our cries, O God!

Attend unto our prayers.


They set their emblems in our sanctuary; they said in their hearts, “We will utterly subdue them.”

Hear our cries, O God!


Attend unto our prayers.


But now, as we hear the word “Amen,” please respond, “How we thank you, Lord!”


But you, Lord, are our sovereign from of old, working salvation on all the earth. You divided the sea with your might: you made Chaos itself food for the beasts of the field. Amen.


How we thank you, Lord!


Yours is the day, yours also the night; you are Sovereign in the light and in the darkness, and always by our side. Amen!


How we thank you, Lord!


Though the dark places of the land are full of the haunts of violence, we know you always regard for your[e] covenant; you remember your promises forever. Amen.


How we thank you, Lord!


You do not deliver the soul of your dove to the wild animals; you do not neglect the cries of the needy. Amen.

How we thank you, Lord!


You will remember your congregation in their time of need. Amen.

How we thank you Lord!


Our prayers go up to you, O Lord, not only for ourselves, but also for those in need throughout the world; any who are victims of such violations.


For those who perpetrated these acts, we pray that their hearts may be changed and for the course of justice.


And for ourselves, we pray that anger and fear do not dim Christ’s love in our hearts, or our courage to profess your grace and love for the sake of your Son’s dear name. Teach us how to balance justice and forgiveness.


Make this terrible deed a testimony to the redemptive grace we know in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus our Lord.


And now, as Jesus taught….

Room in the Inn

St. Stephen’s outreach to the homeless, in which we welcome homeless men into our Parish Hall once a week during the hottest and coldest months of the year, is in it’s tenth season.
Room in the Inn is a ministry that makes sure that some homeless folks in Fort Worth have a warm, comfortable place to eat, sleep, fellowship, and feel human during the hottest and coldest months of the year. St. Stephen, along with over twenty other local churches, welcomes up to 15 homeless men to be served a sit-down dinner and breakfast, sleep in a comfortable bed, and fellowship with church members, playing games, watching movies, and talking about life. We meet every Tuesday night in December, January, and February, from about 5 pm to 7 am Wednesday morning.

Volunteers are always welcome! There are a number of jobs that volunteers can do; you can find out more by contacting Mike Tyson at You can volunteer by following this link:

Note that the link doesn’t take you to the exact date you may wish to sign up, but you can find tabs for the various days we have RITI.

The Church Life Fair, January 22, 9:15 am and 12:15 pm, Parish Hall: Growing in Grace by Serving Others


We have nine sessional committees and numerous sub-committees, guilds, and teams carrying out various aspects of St. Stephen’s mission. You may not know everything the church is doing or you may be looking for some new way to serve the Lord. If either or both those things are true, then come to the Parish Hall in the Education Building on Sunday, January 22, at 9:15 am and 12:15 pm. The theme is “Growing by Grace by Serving Others.” There will be booths, displays, representatives, and sign-up sheets for all the various activities of the church. This event has been organized by the Leadership Team, which was formed in response to the Strategic Plan’s focus on leadership in the church.

Local churches praying for peace in a divisive time

FORT WORTH – Cable news would be revving up. The talking heads would be dissecting early voting results, and campaign surrogates would be preparing to spin the news.

The very thought exhausted Anne Bourland, who instead came to St. Stephen Presbyterian Church on Tuesday night to pray and be with fellow parishioners.

“I came here out of concern for our nation,” Bourland said. “This has been a very difficult election. We have been bombarded with so much negativity.”

St. Stephen, which began its prayer service after the polls closed at 7 p.m., was among several places of worship this week that invited both members and strangers to pray, meditate, receive communion and seek guidance near the end of a particularly divisive election.

Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth offered a noonday prayer for the nation and its leaders. University Christian Church remained open Tuesday for open prayer, meditation and communion.

On Monday, St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church hosted a special 12-hour adoration. And Monday night, Lake Country Church in Fort Worth held a special pre-election prayer service.

“We felt this is an important time to pray for the nation,” said Tom Plumbley, senior minister at First Christian Church. “We have been looking at our candidates to see who is taking the high road and who is taking the low road. We wanted to remind ourselves that we, too, have a responsibility to take the high road. We should behave in a way that reflects the goodness and glory of God.”

At St. Stephen, about 20 members sang God of Our Life and prayed for reconciliation. The Rev. Fritz Ritsch reminded those in attendance that Christians, Muslims and Jewish people worship one God.

“We are sisters and brothers,” Ritsch said. “May enemies being to speak and listen to one another. … May we empower all people in our nation to live by the law of love.”

Bourland, who married her husband at St. Stephen 52 years ago, said this church provides a place of rest of solace, even in the most tumultuous times.

“This is a very special place,” she said. “I am reminded here that God is in control.”

Room at the Inn

During the hottest and coldest months of the year, St. Stephen opens its doors the homeless in our community every Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Through our partnership with the Day Resource Center for the Homeless, up to 15 men are transported to Parish Hall where we provide an air-conditioned (or heated in the winter) space for them to enjoy a restful evening, including two warm meals– and especially warm hospitality among St. Stephen members and friends.

Visit our Serve page to volunteer!

Dear Parents of Musical Kids!

Mitchell Crawford and Beth Fultz you to return to Children’s Choir on a new night.

Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m.

Children’s choir & Percussion & Chimes Starting November 9th.

We are starting at 5:00 – 5:45 p.m. Our Goal is to have a polished musical piece or two for Christmas Eve’s Family Service, Saturday, Dec. 24th, 5 p.m.

Serving Ages Pre-K – 5th Grade. Optional actvites for those not wishing to play percussion or chimes will be led by Beth Fultz.