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Jewish Writings
Between the Old and New Testaments

Northminster Classroom
Taught by Angela Springfield

There are no synagogues, or rabbis, or Pharisees, or demons in the Old Testament. And the list goes on. By the time of Jesus, Judaism had evolved as a result of a changing political landscape, exposure to foreign influences, introduction of new ideas, formation of new movements and sects and religious institutions. New literary expressions arose and new books were written. The Jewish world of Jesus was the Judaism of first-century Israel. The aim of this study is to introduce some of the
lesser known books, including portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls. We will set up a time line for the ancient writings identifying the time gap in the Protestant Bible. Then, using very specific case studies, such as the idea of a messiah, or evils spirits so important in Mark, or the belief in the resurrection of the dead and life with the angels, we will consider how ancient Jewish books outside the Bible can help us understand Jesus.

The Class begins at 9:45 a.m. in the Northminster Classroom upstairs above the church office. Hope to see you there, starting January 20th.